Grain storage

The silo of the company GSI from America, corresponds to the current technical standards of warehouse equipment and was completed in collaboration with an installation team from Bulgaria in December 2013. There are 6 silos with a capacity of 3000to grain. It features a dry cleaning system and the correct storage facilities for various products. The goods are weighed and sampled before and after being subjected to the industrial process. These samples undergo an in-house laboratory analysis, which is equipped with the latest measuring technology to ensure the highest possible quality.

Mixed feed

The feed mill in cooperation with the firm ISAV from Bulgaria in 2013 was completed. It has the most modern grinding and dosing with its own micro - macro unit to produce specially tailored to the customer Premixprodukte . But in order to irritate the performance, productivity and animal health to an optimum level of , there is a well -trained team with Austrian know- how. Especially in the cattle sector, it is important to take the basic fodder under the microscope . Through analysis of the basic feed in our own laboratory , the customer an individual to its operating food recipe is created.